Is home catering the best way to have good food without going to a restaurant?



Well, the answer is yes!

Nowadays we don’t always  have a lot of time to cook proper meals, for example when we have friends coming over for dinner. At the same time we like to stay home and enjoy the quietness that only your own house can bring along, so the perfect solution could be home catering.

There are societies/groups that organize home catering with a theme, every time a different kind of cuisine or way of cooking the same ingredients. It’s a great way to let people come together for example in big cities and start new friendships.

Home catering is an excellent way to have good, healthy and tasty food at home without going crazy while shopping at the grocery store or trying to figure out a menu that can satisfy all the different needs of your guests.

Have home catering for a birthday, a family reunion or just for a dinner with lots of friends it’s the best way to really enjoy good food, a home full of friends and chats without any kind of trouble.

You only need a good excuse to have a party at home!

Until a few years ago home catering or personal chefs were a little standardized, but now in 2017 they offer various kinds of food, cuisine and service. You can have real Italian food in Holland, your personal pizzaiolo in Los Angeles or authentic Japanese food in Italy, and it’s real food cooked just for you! So not like delivery or take-out food that is the same every day and cooked beforehand and especially not customized for you and your party.

Hire a personal chef or a home caterer, it’s the best way to have parties at home enjoying good, real and home cooked food!

Tired of crowded restaurants and standardised food? Home catering is the solution! You only need a good excuse to have a party at home!  


By Margherita Raugei, former chef/patissier at Madame e in cucina.